Remove the Dude


When I start a new design, there is a dude standing near the origin with his hands in his pockets. How do I evict him from the desktop permanently?



Delete the guy with the erase tool, then go to “File” --> “Save as Template”. Name it whatever you want and click Save. Then you can choose your desired template in SketchUp’s preferences & new drawings will not have the guy (or will have the guy if you choose the template with the guy).


Got it. Thanks.


@ChrisDizon : you are being removed…:scream:



That’s not enough to get rid of The Dude entirely. He’s in SketchUp as a component and deleting a component from the model space does not remove it from the file. After deleting him from the model space, go to Window>Model Info>Statistics. Click on Purge Unused. Then save as a new template.


So he’s a ghost?


I didn’t delete him from my template, but I did move him to the “left” of the origin as the positive x,y,z area is where I usually start making my stuff, and the scale figure always ends up inside it all.

Actually, this exercise is a good one for everyone, and for more than just removing Chris; my starting template is geolocated near me (instead of Boulder, CO) for reasonably close shadows on my projects right at the outset. I’ll bet there almost enough of other favorite things to build into a template to do a Basecamp class on it? Ok, maybe not that much, but maybe enough for @TheOnlyAaron to do one of those quick tutorial videos or Facbook live videos?



Removing the dude and a whole lot more!