How to remove a pre-loaded object


Hello, I am fairly new to Sketchup and installed an extension “Cleanup3” by ThomThom. Now every time I open Sketchup it shows a model of Makerbot where “Chris” used to be. I uninstalled the extension, closed and re-opened Sketchup but this Makerbot image is still there…how do I remove it?

My main concern is that my Formlabs 1 printer software is now giving me size and support errors every time I bring files into it.

Thank you in advance for your help


That sounds like you have set the 3D print template as your default. It contains a component for the printer volume. Most people find the volume to be unhelpful and unnecessary, so open a simple template instead.


That was it! Must have done it around the same time as installing extensions. Thank you so much!


Also note that like any other component, that “3D Printer” component remains in the In Model components collection even if you delete it from the model space. Go to Window>Model Info>Statistics and click on Purge Unused. The components and the materials they use will be purged from the file.


Thank you for the info, I followed the steps and did as you suggested. It is greatly appreciated!


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