What am I Doing Wrong?

I am trying to create an arch on an entry/exit in a model. The surface is created in the doorway in the model at the below link. When I push/pull the surface, then go to erase the lines so that it becomes part of the whole wall, it deletes the wall around it and doesn’t become part of the wall. I’ve messed with it for a couple hours and just can’t figure it out. The archway on the left worked fine. Any ideas?

Most of the faces in your model are reverse. Go to View/Face Style/Monochrome, and any faces you see that are darker, are reversed. Start off by triple clicking on a wall in the main room, and when all of the main room parts are selected you can right-click and choose Reverse Faces. They should become lighter colored.

You will have to retexture those floors and walls, but once everything is showing the right faces the push pull and erase things should work ok.

Your problem is that the narrow wall to the right is out of plane with the rest. Notice how the red (first) coordinate differs between its endpoints.

I turned the walls to monochrome but they all appear to be the same shade. How would a face even become reversed? I pulled the walls up from a CAD file.

The arch is in plane with the wall to its left, but the small wall is behind them by a tiny amount:

How might that happen? I selected the endpoints of the rectangle and a guide point to create the arc, then deleted the bottom rectangle line to make the surface. I don’t understand how it would be out of plane.

To fix it, zoom way in on the corner where the arch meets the narrow wall, select the face of the wall and its edges, and then move them locked to the red axis until the upper corner meets the corner of the arch. After that fix you will be able to pushpull the arch (will need to press ctrl first since it is coplanar with the other walls) and then erase the joining edges.

I think the small wall was out of plane with the others to begin with, maybe even in the CAD file. SInce they are not coplanar, you can’t join the left and right walls to form a single face.

On another look, the series of sections along the stair wall are at four different red axis positions! Either the CAD file was sloppy or you didn’t pay close attention to SketchUp inferences when you drew these wall segments.

I’m not even sure how that could’ve happened. I traced over a PDF in CAD (no dimensions), imported it in, then pulled he walls from the CAD file. Very weird. Thanks for your help.

slbaumgartner, how are you getting the XYZ numbers?

The standard text tool.
If you click and place a text object, it default fills with information about what you clicked. For ComponentInstances it shows the name (instance name if there is one, otherwise definition name). For faces it shows the area. For edges it shows the length. And for vertices it shows the 3D coordinates. Note: for things inside a ComponentInstance you have to open the CI for edit.

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