Weld Symbols in Layout

Hi Community,
I’m quite new to Layout. I have a drawing of a footbridge I have created for a project at work. I need to add a weld map drawing to it, but I’m not familiar with any fast, effective ways of doing this in Layout. Is there anyone around here with experience of adding weld symbols to drawings for structural steel projects that can help?
Thanks in advance!

do you mean something like this:

Hi Paul,
Yes, exactly like that. Is there any simple way of adding them to layout? Sorry for the probably obvious question but I’m very new to this.


I got the weld symbols from Weld Symbols – Free CAD Blocks in DWG file format after doing a search.

I don’t know if they are correct or properly proportioned.

I imported the DWG in Layout.

You might as well have what I did – the symbols are in a scaled group at 1:10.

Weld_Symbols.layout (19.5 KB)


Welding1.layout (16.1 KB)
The symbols are all groups that you can drag from the scrapbook into your drawing as needed. This scrapbook was created from teh earlier attached files and was made in Layout 2023

@PaulMcAlenan, @mballes

Thanks for these! They’re just what I was looking for, much appreciated!!

Have a great day!

No problem glad you could use them