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Hi there! I’m a Landscape Designer and love using SketchUp but am having some technical issues that I’m hoping I can get help with. Sketch Up support is quite bad so hoping my fellow users can be of help.


I am a Student learning ID with IDI Australia. I am up to my Module where you have to create Floor Plans. I also bought the Advanced SketchUp Module to help with that.

I am, however losing my mind with SU. I have watched tons of videos, am subscribed to a few YouTube Channels and still keep doing things that I don’t know how to fix and I can’t find any help.

I am hoping that I will learn much here and become an expert at SU.

Regards Glenda

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Hi There,
My Name is Hannes Morgenstern.
I use SU for private projects.
For some time I Used a very old version of SU that I could run under Linux. I was always missing Layout, so I recently upgraded to a Pro License which I run in a virtual machine.
Unfortunately I am facing some Problems with my current Project, so that I hope to find some help here in the Forum. Support of SU unfortunately is not responsive.
Regards, Hannes “naish”

My name is Pepito Princewill from Nigeria.i have been using sketchup for about 4 yrs now

How can you convert sketchiup extensions that are rb files to rbz files?

@pepitite Better to ask you questions in a fresh thread so others see it.

Who are you? I’m Daniel Pilar
What is your industry and profession? Civil construction, I’m an architect
Where do you use SketchUp? Personally/professionally? Professionally
Why do you use SketchUp and what is your favorite thing about it? Agility and freedom of production, besides allowing a great organization according to the needs of each project
How proficient are you in SketchUp? Intermediate
Have you gone to a SketchUp 3DBasecamp? No
What is your current set up? Sketchup Pro 2020, Intel core i5, 8 GB, Geforce GTX 1050

Hello everyone!

My name is Guntis and I am from Latvia.

My main profession is a theater actor, but 16 years ago I decided to leave the stage. I started working as a technical manager 12 years ago, but soon the circumstances forced me to start designing the theater scenery myself. After retiring, I still work as a designer-technologist of theater stage scenery sets, but I also participate in other types of projects, such as Expo 2017 in Astana, Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, ​​design and construction of various museum and exhibition stands.

I use SketchUp both for professional and personal use.

I prefer SketchUp because I like its simplicity and sufficient accuracy, modeling speed, as well as the ability to see the full 3D result already in the work process. What I like best is the quick switch between Color by Layer (now Color by Tag) and full shading views to construct and evaluate the result of the work, as well as creating different scenes in different styles and the ability to use multiple watermarks as reference drawings.

I think the division of all types of curves into straight lines to be a shortcoming of the program, because they often have to be redrawn in AutoCAD for various CNC and plotter work. However, this is not a big loss against the many other benefits of SketchUp.

I consider myself an advanced user because I have been working with SketchUp for at least 12 years. I have been working regularly with various computer graphics programs since 1995. Initially - with 3D Studio, Adobe and Corel products, but for the last 10 years also with AutoCAD, less time with Blender and many other programs that are less useful in my work. I have been working with SketchUp regularly since 2008, although I became acquainted with this program a few years earlier.

I don’t visit SketchUp 3DBasecamp, but I regularly review SketchUp news on FB and YouTube channels, SketchUcation and other websites.

I work with several computers, but lately mostly with MSI Leopard with Intel Core i7-9750H CPU and 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card, OS - Windows 10, SketchUp Pro 20.2.172 64-bit version.

I don’t have my own 3D Warehouse pages with models, as I mostly work with copyrighted projects that are not allowed to be distributed to third parties.

I like large dogs and cats of any size, including wild ones.

My favorite is Big Grin Emoji.

Yes, I really enjoy long walks on the beach, but there is never enough time for that …

That’s all, Folks!

Hello, My Name is Mike and I am a High School teacher who has just been handed a CAD class. I have never taught the course or have much experience with the topic, but I have recently decided to use SketchUp rather than AutoCAD, which was used by the teacher before me.

When I not teaching during a pandemic, I have the students for only 75 hours and since there is no subsequent course, the students had little time to create anything truly interesting in AutoCAD. I have found the tutorials on Learn.sketchUp.com and like how the students will be able to model right from day one.

Anyway, I found this place and was instructed to say hello, so…



Hello everyone!) Sketchup Community :face_with_monocle:

My name is James Smith. I live in America. Himself originally from Ukraine. For 8 years I have been developing site applications. I am looking for friends and associates.

I really like to collect cars (toys).

Now I am working on creating - custom elearning software. If there are tips and tricks or someone wants to join. Write.

Always glad to communicate. From my mail {deleted}

User name: Felipe Rojas
Company/organization: Los Rulos del Lican
Maintenance and support number: 614667
Maintenance and support expiration date: 01/16/2015

I have a license for Mac but now I have a PC, licencessays I need PC licenece. How do I change?

You shouldn’t post your serial number and authorization code in a public forum.

I think that license should work on PC as well as Mac.

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I tested your license, and as Dave says, your Mac specific license does work in the Windows version of SketchUp 2015.

Or in other words, it is not Mac-specific.

Well, it ended with ALM, it was created as a Mac specific license. But, 2015 seems to cope ok.

So with what version did the operating system specific licenses switch to non OS specific? I thought that was before 2015. Prior to that change I had two licenses. One for Mac and one for PC.

I wasn’t sure, so I asked Jody. He thinks it may have been as early as v6 or v7. It was with 2015 that the serial numbers became shorter. I wonder why they didn’t change the ALM and ALW endings to ALR, while they removed a few digits from the number part.

It didn’t happen until after the Google days.

Edit: I guess it was technically with SU2016. I found my license info for 2015, 2014, and 2013. There are two for each of them.

Hi Paul. Go Manchester! I’m jus down the M62 in Leeds (Y)

I’m Todd (Bikertodd on the forum). I’m retired. I was a digital and software design engineer in my previous life. I am new to Sketchup and I want to use it for personal projects and might eventually help a buddy by drawing plans for his renovation business. I have an almost state-of-the-art computer system, so I won’t be able to blame problems on my computer.

My other jobs include raising chickens and honeybees, brewing beer, landscaping and gardening, shopping, cooking, cleaning house, and walking the dogs. Somehow I’m a lot busier in retirement than I was when I was ‘working’.

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