Why Can't I Introduce Myself

I was a member of the old forum but seldom participated there. When I tried to register here, I was told that I should introduce myself by answering a profile questionnaire; however I could not get the page to load so that I could enter the information. Obviously, there are many things I don’t know about the new forum environment - and about SketchUp.

If someone could point me to the “introduce yourself” url, I’ll provide the info and keep on pluggin’.

Also, I have some questions but don’t know how or where to post them.


See if this link works:

There’s a list of suggested questions at the top of that very long page.

This forum engine puts all posts into a database and displays them in category listing. So if you post in the wrong category (it only assigns that category as a property of the post or thread,) … and this can be easily changed by Admins and Sages so that your post displays in the correct category.

Sometimes it is easier to approach a question posting task from the category listing page. From there choose a category, and perhaps then a sub-category, etc.

Notice that the default “landing” page is the posting list filtered by “Latest” .
Choose the “Categories” filter next to it (on the top row.)

Once you become familiar with the filtering lists, you can use the category filter downdown on the top row as well as tags. Or click on any category link in the category column of posting lists.

If you find yourself nested down in some sub-category, the top row changes to display a “breadcrumb bar” of clickable categories, ie: “toplevel category” > “sub-catgeory” > tags

Hi! My name is wing94nut cause I have a 1994 Honda Goldwing. I am trying to draw a rectangle and manually enter in the dimensions in order to insure that the drawing is dead on accurate. I can’t seem to get the dimensions in the dimension box can you help me? Thanks.

Do not click on the Measurments box. After clicking the start point, and moving the mosue to indicate direction, just type the dimensions. The Measurements box is already active.

and then hit enter/return…

Thanks Dan, you save my day.

My Name Manfred Schwan

Hi All,
I’m Ray (Reto)Marti and new to Sketch up pro. Slowly learning about the new options tricks and tools that are now available to me. I’ve used sketch up for a couple of years before buying the pro version.
I’m looking forward to learn more about the relevant topics that are now an option to me from you experienced people in the field.
First of, I’m curious if Sketch up Pro offers an interior lighting option tool?
Any one?

No. To render photorealistic images you will have to get a third party plugin or a separate rendering application.


Hi Ray, actually this is not the “Introduce Yourself” thread. It is at this link:

And there are numerous posts asking about / discussing interior lighting & rendering.

Thank you Ansi, I suppose I can get these third party products through the
Extension Ware House?

Hi, I’m Rob Orizino new user of Sketchup 2016. I have had a sign business for many namy tears (too many to mention), and am ready to move into the 21st century. I have been puzzeled by a few thigs and hope someone out there can shed some light. I am decenty at CS6 (Creative Cloud) and not too bad with AI (same). I live in New York, the Land Of Taxes (LOL)…Hope I can learn this program and be in step with the times. Thanks RoB

People here love to help, but you have to ask a specific question before they can answer!

Welcome. The above post also applies for you.