Unbelievably, I cannot even get past the “Introduce Yourself”. How do I go about that? Thanks

What do you want to do after you introduce yourself? Have you got a model you’d like to share with us? A question about how to do something? Just start a new thread like you started this one.

The opening page say”Introduce Yourself.” . How do I do that from the opening page? I’m somewhat hesitant to discuss modeling when I can’t get past the initial self introduction. Thanks

Most people introduce themselves by replying to this thread:

Hi, my name is John Montpetit and I live in Kyoto, Japan. I tried sketch up about five years ago but I found it too difficult and gave up. I’ve decided to try it again. I am in artisan and I’m mainly make copies of Edo era wooden Japanese lamps. I’m looking forward to giving sketch up a fresh start.

Have used sketchUp for years as a hobby.
Limited storage on current computer so have been designing tiny house interiors online - -
it’s been a great way to stay sane during lockdown!

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