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Who are you? i am a newbe in sketchup
What is your industry and profession? i am a drafter at company of telecommunication
Where do you use SketchUp? personally
Why do you use SketchUp and what is your favorite thing about it? i using just for learnier, it so easy to use making 3D design
How proficient are you in SketchUp? Beginner
Have you gone to a SketchUp 3DBasecamp? no im not
What is your current set up? my sketcup version is 17.1 for 64 bit running on a lenovo G40
Do you have a 3D Warehouse page with your models, Extensions, or a website you would like to link to or show off to us? no i dont

i hope i can to be an advanced with join in this forum :slight_smile:




New to the forum.

Just looking help and guidance. Planning on doing all future architectural work on sketch up pro, if that is possible.

Hoping to find what I need here.


Greetings to all,
My name is Craig Bixler

I retired a couple years ago from a great career at Molex where I was in product design my whole career. Works my way up with product design from Design Engineer to finally Global VP of product engineering. Great challenging position but little tough on airline time.

I was proud to say I was in Molex’s first CAD class as well as our first 3D class and eventually on of the last programs I had was bring in Siemen’s NX. I always knew about SketchUp but it really was not viewed and an enterprise tool for what ever reason.

As I advanced in management I am sad to say I lost my modeling skill and actually reverted back to the old drawing board and pencils for my home projects. For more complex things I would depend upon some friends to model for me which hurts my ego because I loved the tools.

I started using SkechUp about 2 months ago and am just amazed! What a powerful package.

I usually use a MacBook Air daily but to keep the peace with my wife, I blew the dust off my PC in the basement office where I could go to work. My workshop is also down there so it’s all good. I tend to stretch out with my notes and does look messy.

Never went to BaseCamp and actually just found out what it is. Maybe when I get a little better.

I am not using the pro version but feel strongly I like the tool so much I will be pulling that trigger.

I will say to those that never used other modeling tools I find SU an amazing tool and so easy to use.

My main interest:
Modeling for woodworking
Modeling for interior design ideas
Modeling for house remodeling ideas
Just having fun!

Anyway went long on this post but covered the main points.

Best Regards
Craig Bixler


Hi all I am Aldo from Sardinia, Italy, I am developing an autonomous quadruped robot and I am using SketchUp to simulate different settings and test scenarios.
Just I need some tips :slight_smile:


Hi all,
I am here for a while, but I have never introduced myself. My name is Robert and I am an architect. I am working at Fort architects in Gdańsk (Poland) and I am professor assistant at Gdansk University of Technology.

My interest:
3d modeling (SketchUp, Rhino3d, Revit)


My name is Harold and I’m from Oregon, USA currently. Many years ago, before PCs, I studied Industrial Design at Auburn U. So I learned drafting and sketching by hand. Though I seldom had to use these skills in my career(s), I have used them privately and moved on to electronic as soon as I could, using Drawingboard which has now incorporated into a very expensive package I can’t justify purchasing.

My main career was an Orthotist. We designed product right to models of patient’s bodies. But I I was doing house remodeling in my spare time. I kept trying to incorporate my computer into my work. Drawingboard was perfect and intuitive. Later, when Sketchup came out, I couldn’t figure it out and put it aside. After retiring from orthotics and going into operating an adult foster home, I had a bit more time and started playing with it more. I still can’t justify buying the full version so use Make and it’s still taking me a long time to learn but I am learning and seeing the advantages of the software.

I use a fairly powerful Windows 10 computer using the on board graphics card.

Harold Anderson


Who are you? Hi I’m Justin!

What is your industry and profession? I’m in charge of I.T. at a Waste Treatment Plant in Texas.

Where do you use SketchUp? Personally/professionally? I use SketchUp at home for personal use.

Why do you use SketchUp and what is your favorite thing about it? I use SketchUp to get an idea of how I/my wife would like to arrange things in our house. Also, I use it for wood working and now I’ve decided to use it for my animation backgrounds and scenes on YouTube. It’s different and not many animators on YouTube does this.

How proficient are you in SketchUp? Beginner, intermediate, advanced? I’d say that I’m intermediate.

Have you gone to a SketchUp 3DBasecamp? No, never heard of this.

What is your current set up? I have a custom built PC that I built back in collage. I also use the latest version of SketchUp.

Do you have a 3D Warehouse page with your models, Extensions, or a website you would like to link to or show off to us? I don’t have any uploads yet. I will start uploading eventually ha ha.

Anything else you would like to tell us? If you’re interested I my animated YouTube channel is called Justoshow.

What is your favorite Emoji? My favorite Emoji is the cool shades! I send it to my wife all the time because I’m cool in my head ha ha.

Do you enjoy long walks on the beach…? I would, but Texas heat sucks in the summer. Also, Galveston beach is nasty. However, I’ve been to a beach in Mexico and loved it. The sand and water was so clean. I learned how to snorkel there and had a blast. Going to Cali in April for my birthday so I’m looking forward to experience there beaches. Maybe learn how to surf.


Take a look at:


Who are you? Hi all, I’m Nate.
What is your industry and profession? I run a finish carpentry and millwork design/build firm
Where do you use SketchUp? Personally/professionally? Both! I use it for hobbyist woodworking stuff, but I also use it daily to produce shop drawings and design proposals.
Why do you use SketchUp and what is your favorite thing about it? (Besides using it to impress the babes/bros…) It’s almost like I think in SketchUp. It works the way my brain thinks about design. It’s become another appendage for me.
How proficient are you in SketchUp? Beginner, intermediate, advanced? Intermediate, aiming for advanced
Have you gone to a SketchUp 3DBasecamp? No, not yet.
What is your current set up? [Computer type, SketchUp version…etc.] (Your lake house and Ferrari don’t count) **2010 iMac with added memory and storage, SketchUp 2015 pro **
Do you have a 3D Warehouse page with your models, Extensions, or a website you would like to link to or show off to us? Sure. Check out my company’s site if you’d like http://www.cougilldiversified.com
Anything else you would like to tell us? (e.g., you once saw a UFO & tried to model it in SketchUp to get a prototype 3D printed…) **I’ve been using this lovely program since about 2008-9. **
What is your favorite Emoji? Rather partial to the pile of poo
Do you enjoy long walks on the beach…? Not really. I don’t like getting wet and generally despise sand.


Hi and thanks for the welcome.

I am Dave. i am an engineering manager but at one point, I did have skills :slightly_frowning_face:

I have worked in as few industries. From optical fibre, their measurement and prediction, through to the automotive industry, from powertrain through to exteriors. I have used all the ‘standard’ packages, CATIA V4/5, NX/UG, Solidworks, Rhino etc, etc.

I have only just come across SketchUp and thought it might be fun to use on some personal projects that I have in the pipeline.

Having said that it is probably obvious that I haven’t a grasp of even the basics let alone the the finer points of SketchUp. However, in the very brief ‘play’ that I have had, it does seem to be a straight forward package with what seems to be some very simple yet powerful tools.

As I alluded to earlier, I no longer do anything for a job :wink: so I am using a gaming laptop which seems to be well suited to running the web based version of SketchUp. I am looking forward to making use of trial period of the SketchUp Pro 2018 on my kit.

Thanks again for the welcome. I look forward to reading some of the expert help that is available on the forum and getting to grips with SketchUp.



Hi everyone, I’m Filippo, and I’m currently study architecture in switzerland, I really love using sketchup, and even before signing up on the forum I was a great reader every time I use to have a problem.

I love Sketchup, it’s a great software, both for really easy and complex stuff! I really hope to help someone in this forum!

Thank again for the welcome



hi this is Teluguwap A Community of Telugu Songs Blog Administrator and Blogger Glad to Hear About Sketchup and i am New to it


MarkOfEarth near Seattle. Fairly new to Sketchup. Designing a deck addition with 3 new sets of stairs (2 with winders), an infrared sauna, slide out storage, etc. I have more questions than answers right now.


Sorry but you made me shiver. This is a sauna:

Linking “infrared” with “sauna” is a contradictio in adjecto.
I seem to be a sauna-patriot…


Hi all, my name is Rais from Jakarta


Hi Dave! Welcome to the forum. You might try these starter videos to help you get a grasp on the tools and basic functions of SketchUp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pv7TrGnZ17w


Hello Forum,

I am very new to 3D drawing and even newer to SketchUp. I was introduced by a dealer selling 3D printer hardware and even though I did not take his advice and dive into 3D printing, want to use 3D modelling for my workshop.

I am entering my peri-retirement career, having essentially retired from full time Medicine. Instead of cutting skin I now want to cut chips {of metal, plastic and wood that is} and am amassing a collection of useful tools to do the job. I now want to be able to make drawings of the things I want to make. To date, I have walked up to my heap of steel, selected a piece and made something from my head using the TLAR approach {That Looks About Right} but honestly, it cannot go on for long that way.

I use Macintosh equipment preferentially because it just makes sense.

I want to engineer solutions that have a simultaneous benefit to the environment as well as mankind. I think that for most of the time Man has walked this earth, we have been exploiters / opportunists. I would hope that through my humble additions we can reset this focus to cultivationists / nurturists. We still all need to live and have the thing we want for food, comfort and entertainment. It doesn’t have to mean a decision for World vs Us, it could be World AND us. Simple philosophy, harder to achieve.

Anyway, I have in my head a model for a high efficiency device to turn solar radiation into mechanical energy. If it works it will be a world’s first. If not, nothing will have been missed.

I have almost nothing buy my brain as my resource. No money having spent it all getting thus far. I have a half-complete workshop but supreme confidence that somehow I will make it through. I feel a little like Christopher Columbus must have felt when he set out to travel West and not fall off the edge of the Earth. He didn’t really know that he would succeed but indeed he tried and the rest is history.

Cheers and go easy on me. I am a raw beginner.

Peter Marsh


Hel-lo folks! I should have introduced myself much, much longer ago, but I am a SketchUp modeler who’s sole purpose in this community is to make models not only beautiful, but smooth running. First thing, I like trains, and I have been modeling trains since my first time using SketchUp, which was about four years ago. I have been around forums before, so this is really just a “putting this out there” comment! Enjoy!! :smiley:


I am John. Am an Art Director for film and TV.
We use SketchUp for set design, prop design and previsualization of scenes.
The James Bond films use SketchUp for the above purposes. They do it more elaborately than we do for TV productions, as they have more time and people.
I studied SketchUp at the University of the Arts in London and with FilmCAD Limited, which were based in southern England near Shepperton Studios.
Am presently striving to get a deeper understanding of how to use the programme more effectively.
I do like walking in the countryside. I do SCUBA diving when I have the time and the money.
I play the accordion for barn dances in my spare time.
Am a member of BAFTA and the British Film Designers Guild.
I enjoy going to the movies even though I work on them. The biggest movie on which I have worked to date was the Ridley Scott film, “Before I Go To Sleep.” It starred Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman. Most recently I was the Art Director on seventeen episodes of “Victoria” for ITV Studios.


Hi, I’m Evan … studied Civil Engineering … got a degree in Mechanical & Environmental Engineering … specialized in Control Systems when my Employer sent me to New Zealand for ‘3 to 4 months’ … that will be 33 years ago on April Fools Day!
Though I have written thousands of lines of code, that was early in my career and I haven’t yet done much scripting, though keen to learn.
I have only used Sketchup for the design of some kitchen cupboards.
I now want to get coordinates of my property survey on a layer that I can then add both landscaping and building design concepts.
I suppose that I need to learn how to build up objects from the bottom up, but I really want to get a big picture spatially from both public data from Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) and from other software (like GPS Map Camera) that I can place fruit trees and other plantings on as well as the buildings, of course. We would place such objects on layers in other drawing packages, but I haven’t gotten to that level in any Tutorials, blogs or vlogs.
So I was searching out info on georeferenced data and saw some useful forum advice. However, I think that I just need to ‘play around with it’ a bit more and produce some sketches for steel supports that I require for a trellis to be mounted to screen my meter board and rubbish bins.
If anyone knows of Tutorials directed at property renovations that can develop and access layers from a georeferenced model, that would be amazing. My water and power systems span an 11 acre property that is slowly eroding into the Tasman Sea while neighboring farmers’ noxious weeds infiltrate from another direction. It would be useful to give our council georeferenced data to add to their developing store of information as I am surrounded on three sides by land that is either public or multiple ownership with support from local council organisations.