Weird proportions or am i blind?

Hi there. So I am a seldom user of 3D modeling software. I’ve been using SketchUp for small projects here and there, draw some lines add some textures, nothing serious. A year later the same thing. Last year, I bought and iPad played with SketchUp realized it’s kind of useless and bought Shapr3D subscription because it promised STL support. Well, not really. On their forums I got told that Shapr3D is software for professionals and professionals are too cool for making changes to existing STL models and I should feel bad about asking questions like that. Obviously, license renewal did not happen. Then i played with Fusion for a while and made a model of a brick. With texture and everything.

Anyway, have this old Nakamichi tape deck for a car, and it’s broken. Parts are impossible to source. So i figured i will try to 3D print a part out of resin. So I made a gear model in SketcUp for iPad. Same dimensions, But it looks completely different than the real one.

Outer Diameter - 6mm
Inner Bore - 2.4mm
Height - 4.4mm
18 Teeth - 0.5mm each

sorry, i am a new user and can only attach a single image, so i had to get creative here… And yes, I know the real gear teeth are rounded but angle us still weird

Not sure if this is happening, but FDM printing can swell or shrink up to a mm.

For prescisiom printing like that, you might want to look into getting it printed in resin or sintered.

I’m a little confused about what you are asking. Are you looking for advise about how to model the required shape? It’s true that what you have modeled does not look like the gear you show, do you have more information about the shape? The number of teeth is not enough, you need to know the shape of the tooth.

It’s scaled up 10x in the model file
Gear.skp (1.3 MB)