Good set of gears to 3D print with filament


I already tried to make some gears at Google Sketchup, but when I print them they are not smooth in the matching, I mean, when I put 2 gears to spin touching each other it’s not a good fit.

So I ask you: is there anywhere at google where I can find a good set of gears with 5 teeth, 10 teeth… or any number of teeth in a variety?

I dont want “fancy” gears, simple gears that have a good and smooth match is what I am looking for. Any recommendation?

It would be nice to have gears as simple as a plain an pure cilinder in the middle with the “teeth” profie around it, so I can extrude this circle as I want and no other change.

Does any of you have already found a good set of gears that works well printed with ABS?

You can make your own gears with the plugin found here:

Here’s a sample gear made with the plugin: gear.skp (180.4 KB)

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Thanks man that’s a good plugin! BUT I HAVE a question: when I create a gear with 10 teeth and another with 100 teeth, how do I make sure they match? I just changed the number of teeth and the plugin does not make sure both gears match :frowning: How can I make sure of that?

In a nutshell, the diameters of the gears need to have the same ratio as the numbers of teeth. Jim or another expert can explain better just where on a gear you should measure the “diameter”.

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Great I tried keeping the same proportion of TEETH and DIAMETRAL PITCH and it worked! Thanks man!

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May have a use for that soon . . Wonder how good a gear is made with PLA . .

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