Trying to make a gear in SU 2017. Not working well

I am trying to make this gear on my 3D printer. I draw an involute gear and in order to make it on a 45 degree angle, I resize the top . I have also attached the file of the gear so far.

My issues are two fold. The teeth on the gear, when printed out are deep at the bottom and very shallow at the top. When I put 2 of these gears together at 90 degrees, they don’t “mesh” well (I think) because of the shallow teeth at the top.

Also, the bottom part of the teeth “stick out” and I can’t figure out how to cut the tips off so to speak so they look like the original gear pictured.

I hope this makes sense but the bottom line is, How do I make this gear? Are there any tutorials or youtube videos for make gears like this? I couldn’t find any.
Do I have the wrong plugin?

Please help.
Thank you

gear.skp (147.9 KB)

What plugin are you using?
This one is from Sketchucation.

WOW…Thank you. Seems I was using the involute gear plugin. I did not know there were a few gear plugins.

Thank you. I will use this one.

If you draw your basic circle with the right amount of facets, you can push pull one out and make a component of it. Using guides on the edges of the base you can find the vanishing point for the teeth geometry and just draw to that point. Copy the resulting tooth around.

A slightly sloppy demo.


I actually like the sloppiness. Fairly early you realized you were doing something not quite right, undid it, and then did it the way it needed to be done. It’s nice to see actual modelling occasionally, instead of practiced perfect execution!

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How do you get the correct tooth design for a functional bevel gear with your method?

There was no functional tooth design here, I was merely trying to show ways this might be drawn with some basic geometry ( & natively) to avoid the problems described? At first I didn’t think there was a plugin involved as it appears to get it wrong? assumed it was manually drawn. The plugin Box shows seems to produce the right result and would be the most reliable way to go.

Just for fun I took the arbitrary one I made for a spin…

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Please tell me how you made that animation… That is awesome… I haven’t been able to a get decent animation other than scene transitions.

That was using Fredo’s Animator. Works well for limited scope and is parametric. It’s a free plugin from Sketchucation, a bit intimidating at first but not too bad.

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Yes I’ve tried it and it is very intimidating. Is there anything that you know of to shorten the learning curve? Are there any resources on the specifics of it?

look at those videos is about as good as it gets.
try test animations with simple blocks before trying a real project.
The interface is a little unique but after a while makes sense.

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