Weird new bug in SU when opening menus in other monitors

I don’t know why this is happening, it just started. It’s only happening on my 2nd and 3rd monitors. My laptop seems to be fine. (I’ve reset my computer 2x.)

I don’t know how to explain it so here are screenshots.

Probably because the hub that is used to connect the other monitors doesn’t support full OpenG.
Windows often pushes (automatic) updates, maybe the drivers of that hub need one , too

Hardware wise, nothing has changed in over a year. I have a laptop and one external monitor plugged into my HDMI port, and the other into a mini display port.

The only thing I can think of is the latest update on SU. I updated last week, but yesterday was the first time I tried to use the extension or 3D warehouses.

But when I get to the office I’ll check for driver updates.

Apparently my video card driver is up to date.

According to windows or Nvidia?
Don’t trust windows to tell you, always check the manufacturers site.

I was trusting windows … and you were correct, Nvidia did have an update.

However, it did not fix the issue.

What magnification ratio are you using in your monitors? SketchUp only supports up to 150%.

I don’t know how to check that. I looked at the monitors menu and there was nothing there.

Also, this is a new thing I’m experiencing out of the blue. The only changes I can think of before noticing this is updating to the latest sketchup.

To check if was the monitors I used a coworkers external monitor (different brand) and the same thing happened.

Do you see the same if you drag the SketchUp window to the other screen?

It happens at both external monitors, it’s fine on my laptop when I drag it over.

I just found out that this has been happening to my coworker for a long time. And he just drags it over to his laptop. he’s much more patient thank me