Sketchup worktop/window border bug

The right border of the Sketchup worktop does not display properly and the scenes right scrolling arrow is truncated. Please see screen shot. I cannot find any of my display settngs that might be causing this problem. Is this a bug? This problem is also causing one monitors display to bleed over into the adjacent right monitor on my multimonitor setup.

Not a bug. Expand the SketchUp window to file the screen. Click on the square to the left of the X at the top corner.

Attached is the problem in full screen. Appreciate the help DaveR, but I am smart enough to run the program in full screen.

Sorry. I didn’t mean to imply anything.

Good luck.

Yeah. No offense taken and sorry for the snitty reply. Just kind of sick of all the bugs in the new version that weren’t around in the older versions.

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Based on your profile information: Windows 7 is not on the list of supported operating systems for SketchUp 2021. Have you checked the Nvidia site for a driver update? Does it work the same if you disconnect the extra monitors and work only on your laptop screen?

Do you have the tray ‘loose’ on another monitor?
Does it also show in a file with less or no scenes?

Profile was old. Windows 10 Pro and drivers are updated. It is messed up no matter what screen I run it on.

Yes, trays are “loose” on another monitor. It makes no difference if the trays are docked or loose. Right edge of window is messed up regardless if the scene arrows are present or not.

Are you using the Nvidia NView system or just plain Windows to manage your monitors? I seem to remember that Nview might mess up with OpenGL.

Not sure if windows or Nvidia is managing monitors because you can pull up either to manage settings.

Nvidia seems to recognize only two of your three monitors…
Are the monitors connected directly to your computer or do you use a laptop dock?
Thunderbolt/USB-C was probably not there yet when your computer was built, but there were other types.
At work I have seen people struggle with three monitor setups, especially with high resolution screens.
Ia there a difference if you close your laptop lid and use only your external screens?

The laptop screen is run by the embedded video card and it is Intel Graphics.

The big monitors are connected to the laptop docking station. I don’t know if there is a change with the laptop closed because I have never used the system that way. I use all 3 monitors all the time. Pretty sure this was not an issue running 2019 on Windows 7 with exact same hardware.