Double window Sketchup Warehouse Glitch?

I am having a visual glitch with the Sketchup Warehouse after I most recently updated my Sketchup (see image). I am unsure why this is happening or how to fix it, any advice? I have already tried checking for another Sketchup update but it says I have the newest version.

Are you using a monitor with the display scale factor set bigger than 150%?

My monitor scale factor is currently 125%

Has a graphics driver update been installed recently? Is the double-window glitch unique to (and consistent with) SketchUp windows, or does it occur in other application windows?

I have not updated the graphics driver recently. The glitch is unique only to the Sketchup Warehouse, it doesn’t even happen when I open Enscape windows or any other extensions through Sketchup. The rest of the programs I run like CAD, have no issues & there are no issues in Google Chrome or other applications, it is just the Sketchup Warehouse.

You could try to, from the Nvidia website. Are you using multiple monitors? Are you using a “dock” to connect to them? Does it behave better on another screen?

Check these settings:

I am using a ThinkPad connected to a Samsung Monitor for a larger screen. It seems to be working normal with no double window glitch when the window is on the ThinkPad but then creates the second window when it attempts to scale for the larger Samsung monitor. The monitor is connected through HDMI to the ThinkPad. This has only started happening after I updated Sketchup to the most latest version though, it worked fine on both the Samsung monitor & the ThinkPad before the update.

hi! is your problem problem solved? I have the same problem, what didi youy do? TIA

The problem seemed to be resolved when I updated my actual computer. It happened again recently but I fixed it again by updating my actual computer. Hope this helps!

I am having the same problem but its not fixed with a computer update. I updated my graphics card and made sure the drivers were up to date. Are there any other suggestions to fix this as its making working with the 3d warehouse nearly impossible. Thanks you

Did you try the other things suggested here:

  • set your display scaling to smaller than 150%?
  • connect your external monitor directly to your laptop?
  • use the internal monitor?

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