Broken welcome window

Since the last update 2021.1, I experience a few bugs.

  1. Broken Welcome window. (see gif image) on my second monitor.
  2. Blackout every few minutes when I move around in the model (also see jpg image)
    I work with my G5 Dell Laptop + 24’ Monitor
    Win 10 last update, RTX 2070 super / i7-10750H

Before the update, I haven’t had any of these bugs.
I teach Sketchup with this computer and It is important that I will fix it a.s.a.p
Thank you.

I noticed this, too, yesterday on a Windows laptop. Might be related to a windows update.
I did update the NVIDIA drivers, to no avail.

Thank you Jack for your response… I hope they will fix the bugs soon.

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Or dump @TheOnlyAaron in tha pool!

It seems you are more capable to do that than me. :slight_smile:

Hope to see you again at the next 3D basecamp.


second monitor attached, extended displays. @colin

What are the DPI settings for the other monitor?

125%, it seems to work if I change the High dpi settings in [rightclick on App-icon] > Properties > Compatibility :

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