Weird faces appear out of thin air?

Hello guys, I was working on my model with no problems but then these weird angled faces started to appear and disappear as I am turning or moving my view. They are not registered as real faces or lines since there is no way of interacting with them. They also disappear when I click on anywhere on the model. Might have started happening after using the G fredo plugins. Ideas?


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Wish I could upload more pictures to convey the problem better. In the screenshot, what appeears as brown faces right in front of the view are not real faces, they appear and disappear as I click on the model or change the view. They are not always in the same place when they appear too. Sometimes, (usually) they are black. I have no idea what they are.

If anybody else come across this problem, I copied everything to a new file and it seems to be fixed for now.

The most probable reason is that your model or part of it is very far from the SketchUp model origin.


Upload a model that exhibits the issue. ( the .skp file)

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I can’t upload yet due to file belonging for an architectural competition :smiley: Few days remain and after the competition is done I will upload it. If I can recrate the same problem with a diffrent file I will upload that too.

If the file started with an imported DWG map, and you had the “preserve drawing origin” box on, moving the model to the origin might cure it. Map files often have some kind of marker at the origin of the map coordinate system that can also wreak havoc when imported into SketchUp.

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That might just be the thing, even though I didn’t begin the model with an imported dwg, the problem seems to start sometime after importing dwg. Very interesting relationship there with sketchup and autocad.
I also observed that when I tried to edit the points of suggested curviloft lines, they started to appear again.