Crazy black shards!

does anyone know why this happens? you only really see them when you rotate and you can’t select them…

just doesn’t seem like a good thing.

Just a mad idea but had you thought of uploading the SU file so someone can look at it for you?

Usually that kind of thing results from some object having moved far away from the rest of the model. As @simoncbevans implied, without looking at the skp file that’s just a guess.

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well it looks like it has something to do with the autocad plan line work i imported into the model. when i hide it they don’t show up.

Hard to tell but it looks like your model might also be at a great distance from the origin.

When you select the imported line work, does it cover a huge area?

When you imported the autocad did you choose to ‘Preserve drawing origin’ ?
This can set the model to the other side of the world.

i don’t recall but will take a look… thanks for the feedback