Weird color when I export my sketchup model to 3ds

I’m a beginner on sketch up and a year ago I made a model without any material applied, but when I import my model into 3ds, where I’m also a beginner, some part of the model becomes black or with weird shadow on it(attached below)… And once I exported the model to a 3ds file but I couldn’t find that choice after that. And that 3ds model works very well in 3ds rendering (but with some imperfections on the model so I cannot go with it
is there any advice on how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance!

I suspect your SketchUp model’s back-faces (light blue colored) looking outwards (they should look inwards). If that’s the case open your .skp file and reorient faces.

If that’s not the case pelase share your .skp file, so i can have a better look (If it’s big size, upload it to 3D Warehouse and share the link here).

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