Importing an STL file into SketchUp turns black

Hi! I was wondering if anyone could help - I am trying to import a model from Blender into SketchUp - I have researched how to do it and it says to export the blender model into an STL file. However when I then import this STL file into SketchUp it turns into a black, mesh like material. Can anyone help me on how to fix this??

To me your image #2 looks like your import unit has been too small so SketchUp has not been able to fill the dense small triangles with faces, unless you are viewing the model in Wireframe mode.

Its not in wireframe - A few faces have been filled in. Do I need to source a different model? I did scale it up in SketchUp or should this be done in Blender before??

What is the overall scale of the object?
You could try using Meters as the import unit. The model’s usability in SketchUp might be better if run through some polygon reducer.

the most recent screenshot its an arm chair - I will try that now.

I changed the import to meters and it worked! such an easy fix thank you!