Sketchup to 3ds Max model black surfaces issue



Hi there,
I have tried several times to export sketchup model to 3ds max (I need this format to import it to Dialux). Every time when I check exported model some horizontal and vertical planes become covered by black colour. If I zoom in i can stil see original texture to be still slightly visible underneath, however black colour covers these textures in 80-90%. I am getting for example issue with black floor, some walls and small bites/ patches on sofa which was originally beige. I have check several times export options but I still don’t know what causes that issue and makes some planes covered in 90% by black. I got rid of all sectional planes and shadows in sketchup - just in case. Can anybody help with that please? Cheers


My guesses:

  • back facing issues?
  • materials on groups instead of on faces?

Maybe share a skp file with a black element in it?


Thanks for quick reply. I have copied into brand new file sofa, floor finish, 1st floor wall and a man shape. Original file is about 100MB, but maybe error is nested only in the original file. I have downloaded sofa model from online warehouse. 90% of sofa retains original beige texture, but some areas of arm rests get black patches which is strange, cause its 1 component. After copying only thes 3 components to a brand new file the file is still to big and I can’t upolad it to forum. I believe at the moment it’s about wooden texture, will investigate it myself before comming back to you. Thanks


3D warehouse models having back face issues is nothing uncommon. I would still bet on that.

Try this one. It is a simple cube painted with a wood texture. The top face is reversed, so it should appear black in 3DS Max if my guess is right.

cube.skp (134.4 KB)



Thank you Anssi, what I have noticed myself as well - on the opposite side of my dodgy black faces there is randomly applied wooden texture. That’s what I believe is causing issues. Will try to double check it now in my model. Cheers!