Weird Axis Glitch Sketchup 2024

Just came across this randomly, couldn’t find any topics on it (But didn’t try looking too hard). Goes away if I put something, like a flat plane, right on the origin or delete existing objects from the work area. Pretty much the axis line in any direction becomes super thick:

Doesn’t really bother me, but if it’s unintentional behavior figured I’d bring it up. Never saw this happening in the previous version, assuming it’s something associated with the new graphics engine.


I have this problem as well. Though it doesn’t break the software its obnoxious and enough to make me go back to 2023.

I believe I was able to fix this by returning to the classic graphics acceleration. I don’t recall exactly because there are other bugs that DO break the software and its hard to remember what fixed what with so many issues.

Can you capture the visual anomaly with a scene and then provide the sample skp file so we can document and fix the problem?

Here’s a file displaying the visual axis glitch:
axis_glitch_2024.skp (81.4 KB)

I couldn’t get this one to display on all axis like my previous file, but I did get it showing on the blue one. Wondering if it has something to do with object positioning, size or selection; I could at will cause it to glitch between normal and this version through the movement of the object or selecting of the object in the scene.

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It is related to the distance from the origin.
Your solid is 30m in size and a bit more than that from the origin, so I chose 30m as a test.
If you create a face and move it 30m on one axis you can see the axis thicken if you look along that axis but not the others, move it on the other 2 as well and you’ll get it on all three.

That sounds like it’s a glitch in handling of axis lines in perspective projection.

Yeah, can confirm if I move an object above the origin a certain distance, the solid line becomes thick and I move it down a certain distance from origin the dotted line becomes thick:

So on and so forth moving it left or right a distance from the origin:


Yes, I now also see it with your test model on Win 10 w/ GTX 1060, new render engine.

i am getting it in parallel projection

this solution worked for me also.

thanks a ton buddy.