Weird Artifact on SketchUp Pro 2016

Why there is an artifact on new Sketch Up ?
This is happened when i rotate the view.
Im a beginner btw.

Does that artifact flicker and move as you orbit? If so, it is probably “z-fighting” in which two surfaces are placed at the same location so it is ambiguous which to display.

It happens in my 2015 version…i just rub it out and redraw that bit…sometimes if you’re lucky you can rub it out and be left with a single surface.

It isn’t a version specific thing. It happens in all versions when there are two overlapping faces. The way to prevent it is to not create overlapping faces.

In the case of the OP’s screen shot, putting holes through the walls where the window and door are, would eliminate the “artifact”. It would also help to give the door and window some thickness. As shown, they have zero thickness.

I’ve found it happen on “flat surfaces”…sometimes when i have a shop door window and i want to put an “open/closed” sign in it ( just a cardboard rectangle on a string hanging on a nail )…i draw the rectangle and that’s fine i draw 1 string off it up to the center on the door top and that’s fine…add the 2nd string creating a triangle and it “skewiffs” the whole window ( creating the “artifact” )…not always but quite often.

Changing the way you draw that sign can help you avoid that. Avoid creating the overlapping faces.

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This is actually expected behavior! When you closed the triangle (top edge of sign and 2 strings), SU assumed you also wanted to create the face defined by the triangle. Just single click the face (double clicking will also select the edges) and delete it.

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I just realized that my above response might lead to unexpected results!

If you are drawing on the wall - and the wall is NOT part of a component or group, then your triangle has replaced that portion of the wall face - and deleting it will leave a hole in the wall face! Probably NOT what you want. :worried:

The answer is to make sure that the wall is part of a group or component - and applying the sign and string from OUTSIDE the editing context of the group or component. That way, your new geometry doesn’t interact with the wall.

what… thats terrible bugs … so basically SketchUp confuse because the software doesnt understand Layering ? even the ractangle is a group; its still flickering when rotating.

So i need to make a HOLE before putting something on top of it to avoid z-conflict.?
well …

If you choose to make two coplanar objects in SketchUp then they will ‘z-fight’.
How is the Graphics Card going to decide which is in front ?
You can always offset the object slightly so it’s a few mm above the face, but even then z-fighting can occur as you zoom out, since the GC has some pixels tolerances to cope with.

A few of ways to avoid this…

  1. Don’t make coplanar objects.
  2. Make your object as a gluing.cutting component, with the desired face within it at z=0 - that way the face below the component is omitted - at least graphically - avoiding z-fighting.
  3. Make your object as an image - SketchUp’s images can glue to surfaces and will automatically have a ‘cutting’ behavior, thus avoiding z-fighting.
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In your original screen shot the door and window had not thickness. If you didn’t want the z-fighting with the no-thickness door and window, you needed to have no face behind them. Giving the door and window thickness as in your latest screen shot changes the appearance but it amounts to the same thing. There’s no z-fighting because the visible face of the door and window are not in the same plane as the walls.

Yes i replace the Door and Windows with components now. but the Roof Ventilation still get z-conflict. despite both object are 3D object.

I use flat shape because the position of my windows and door are not Fixed yet.

i also want to ask if this bug still happened when using Workstation GPU?

The frame of the vent is still flat or at least flat enough that your GPU sees them falling in the same plane.

This is not a bug! It will happen with any GPU.

Put a hole in the wall. You can always move it if you need to.