Weird anomalies appearing when Layout exports to PDF

Did you post an example file, that I could try?

This happens to me as well. Does not seem to occur in Raster views, only Hybrid or Vector views, and usually only once per view…

This fix does not seem to work for me, I just tried it.

I later did more tests, and on Mac you can do that fix and export a PDF ok, but on Windows the PDF export shows the artifacts. Also, on both Mac and Windows if you revert the file, or even save, close, open again, the artifacts come back.

There is a bug report about it now.

Experiencing artifact on .pdf export as well.
Rendering viewport as raster is only solution for my file.

It was odd though…while attempting to correct the anomaly I had sketchup file open and when I returned to the LO file I was briefly able to see the anomaly within the LO viewport…adjusted viewport and it disappeared…but on export to .pdf it appears again.

Thought I had cunningly got away with this one, and avoided it, but I too am experiencing the same problem.

Would be good to get an update on a fix timescale. Additional work added to now check every viewport before PDF ing.


Hi Colin and @trent,

Just wanted to let you know I have had the same experiences, utilized same solutions, as noted above, however, resulting in same results as noted in post below (diagonal artifacts disappear in LayOut, but remain in *.pdf). Also, this is a new issue for me as a result of 19.2 update.

Lastly, in my observations with a diagonal artifact in LayOut, I noticed that there are also missing vector lines adjacent to the diagonal (as noted with red arrows). See Below:

As compares with after changing to Vector mode and back to Hybrid.

Good luck in your resolution.