Web services need to be turned off - how to do this?

We have messages popping up every now and then at the whole company, at SketchUp start up, or when starting 3d warehouse etc… Message says that we need to turn off web services soon due to safety. We use SU 2021 lifetime license. Example below. In other screen it says “It is recommended you turn off web services”… How to do this? I do not see any option where we can turn off web services.

they will turn off by themself.

some things in SU are actually webpages run on chromium. both warehouses for example. the websites, just like any websites, are maintained on techs that rely on the user having up to date browsers.

and a 3-4y old browser is not considered up to date.

so in a couple of month, you will have to access the warehouses directly in your browser, not in SU anymore.

edit :

as I explain here, it’s a pretty standard situation online. Major websites will only support technologies from the last 2-3 years, see my Netflix example.

The only way to update the chromium version in sketchup is to upgrade sketchup.

If you don’t , you keep all the tools and stuff, but you’ll need to access the warehouses from your own browser.

Sketchup 2021 won’t be supported anymore and is notifying you that web services will turn off on January 31 2024, not that you should turn off web services.