Important SketchUp Web Services Update to Policy

Today, we posted this article as a clarification of how older versions of SketchUp are supported.

For some time now, SketchUp has officially had a “current minus two” policy for supported versions. Still, the policy has not been consistently applied to web services running in old versions of SketchUp. Web services are things that need the internet to work with SketchUp, like 3D Warehouse and Add Location.

Old versions of SketchUp run old versions of browser code used to launch and run web services. We’re not in a position to do QA and Security checks on all old versions, and this has meant that it’s often unknown whether they will work and whether your data is genuinely protected when you use those features.

We want users of SketchUp to have the best possible experience we can provide. This means being clear about whether features are meant to be working or not and whether we are carrying out the necessary security checks.

As outlined in the article, we’re going to address this by ending the availability of web services in unsupported versions of SketchUp. This change will happen at the end of the year, but as always, if you are using an old version of SketchUp, we encourage you to update now.


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