Web: How do I make a pyramid?


I’m using the Web (shop) version and trying to make a pyramid shape. The examples that I’ve found and followed do not appear to work on the Web version. The raise tool does not select a point but only the triangular polygons.

Is this user error, a bug, or a feature?

Thank you for your help.

Use Move tool

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Are you referring to Push/Pull? It would be the wrong tool. For this you’d want the Move tool.

Push/Pull only works on faces.

Must be user error. I was going to show the same thing mihai did.

I have the same gif saved ready to post.

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Hah! That worked! Thank you!

Someone should update the tutorial because it uses the push/pull tool.

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What tutorial shows making a pyramid with Push/Pull? Can you provide a link?

You could push pull and follow me.


None actually!

Put that in the user error column. I swore I saw the push/pull tool being used. Sorry to bug you all.

Thank you again.

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