Web: Fundamentals Core Concepts 'Coming Soon' Error

I’m trying to continue with the ‘Sketchup for Web: Fundamentals’ course, but when trying to move on to the ‘Core Concepts’ section it has a ‘[Coming Soon]’ suffix and only shows an error page that reads “Oops! There is a problem with this video. Please contact the site owner for assistance.”
Same message on all of the subsequent sections and lessons. Attempting to attach a screenshot here.

I would assume that means that the course is still in the works and videos have not been created yet.
@TysonK or @eric-s

I guess? Just seems odd that they’d upload just the intro to the course for newbies without addressing that fact anywhere else, like during enrollment. I’d also assume that the ‘coming soon’ language would replicate in the main window as opposed to it showing the ‘problem’ message that it does.

The course overview also shows that these videos are “Coming Soon”

Well, Kyle, you’ve got me there! I didn’t notice that before. Appreciate your keen eye!

It’s a totally fair callout, as “soon” has turned into several months, but Kyle is correct, our intent was to push lessons live as they were completed, which hasn’t happened.

For now, as long as you did the intro in the Web and know the UI, jump over the the Desktop Fundamentals course, the content is exactly the same, and will be, just recorded in the different version, but it all works the same.

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That’s great Tyson, thank you!

LOL we have been waiting and waiting! Just found this thread now, so we’ll jump on into the desktop course. Just a quick note to say what absolutely fantastic instruction this is. The pace, clarity and narration- my EIGHT year-old and I did the first 12 Quickstart lessons, and by the end of it, he made me a ladder, complete with an array of rungs!

Thanks for the feedback, especially great to hear you are working through the lessons with your kid, very fun!