Warning yellow in Layout and the scenes from Pro will not purge?

Layout is giving me a yellow warning and the scenes from my Pro version are locked into the layout and will not purge. I updated the Pro and the layout and still I get a warning symbol. I think I moved the scene and updated it wrong. How do I save my work and get out on to a workning Layout?

Share the SketchUp and LayOut files so we can see what you are working with and help you get it sorted out. I expect there’s a simple fix but from your description, it’s difficult to tell what you’ve got wrong.

What operating system and graphics card? Please correct the info in your profile.

windows 10 Home
64 bit processor
32 gig graphic card Ryzen 5 3600 6 core

How do I share the problem file with you

Please put that in your profile. along with the graphics card.
Screenshot - 8_12_2022 , 5_31_46 PM

Presumably they are too large to upload directly to the forum so upload them to Drop Box and share the link.

Ok just I am on that about 5 minutes

Here is the recovered file that I used to send scenes to Layout

How are you going about getting the SketchUp file into LayOut? The .skp file in the LayOut file is shown as embedded. This means that LayOut won’t look at your original SketchUp file so update to that won’t carry over to the LayOut file because it’s a different file than the one LayOut is using.

In LayOut, go to File>Document Setup>References, select the SketchUp file, choose Relink, navigate and choose the original file. When you get done the path should show the correct path and the viewports should update.

Here I’ve replaced the embedded version with your recovered version. Note it now shows as “Current”.

The planter and the solacelogo are in red as those file are not what I sent you , so you don’t have them. They are not the problem. The problem is with the embedded file I want to unlink it. You can call me if you want Ken 530-477-9966. I really appreciate your help. .

Yes. Since I don’t have the original references for those files LayOut can’t find their path. IfI were you I would unlink the logo image so it is embedded. That way you don’t have to worry about it if you happen to move the original file for it.

No. You don’t want to unlink it. It’s already unlinked. You want to link it back to your SketchUp file.

I was operating with Layout and Sketch up Pro open on different screens. I made the mistake of updating ALL my scenes with the same window open. I reset all the windows and saved the updates to reflect the files as shown in Layout. The warning would not go away and the Layout program crashed. I tried a few tricks and nothing is working.

Good to talk with you. Better edit your post with your phone number and get rid of it. You’ll have all kinds of weirdos calling you. :wink: