Warehouse still unavailable

Hello ! Since a few days, I can’t access warehouse from sketchup. I can do it from my browser, but in sketchup, it’s a blank and then “we are working on it…” etc

  • from there, I followed what was working - indicated on this forum: access to the forum skp community, login then logout then login… but same result in sketchup :expressionless:.
  • follow sketchup/warehouse instructions for upgrading my browser : when I want to update the browser or install a new version (edge, firefox, chrome…) in the warehouse windows, it’s a failure : “file not found or invalid” !
  • no anvirus, no modification on my PC… and then on internet, without sketchup = 3d warehouse works fine on my Edge or Chrome browser !

(SKP pro 2021 + win10… )

I had the same experience after upgrading to Windows 11. The issue was resolved by signing out of Sketchup completely, either from within Sketchup or signing out of your Trimble account. Close Sketchup, then restart it and sign in again.
Hope that gets things going for you.


Fine ! it’s work ! Thanks a lot Philip :wink: