Warehouse models in my comic

Hello! I’m a comic illustrator. I’m thinking of using models from the warehouse for backgrounds in my story. I’ll be giving credit for the work but would I need to pay royalties, and if so how would I do that?

Depending on whose models you wish to use, you could contact them directly to obtain permission and/or discuss any royalty or remunerative arrangements.

As an aside, you and I happen to be located within the same geographic metropolitan area. If you find any of my work to be something you want to use, we could easily meet to talk about it. My public models are shown on the 3dwh site…just search the keyword “jvleearch”.

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I’m not a lawyer, but the way I understand the 3D Warehouse Terms of Use (TOS), if the model is the author’s own unique design and not a copyrighted image or trademarked symbol/logo, then the TOS would permit use in a comic, but would not be allowed for 3D printing for any type of publishing or sale. (Terms of Use | 3D Warehouse)

There are Mickey Mouse models in the 3D Warehouse. You would need permission from Disney, they would want to know how you are portraying him, would likely want to be compensated.

would you know if its ok to use self made models in the background? would sketching over those models be enough of a change to avoid legal issues? i think i read that 25% of a change is sufficient to allow for use. im not clear on what is allowed for possible commercial use, because t his point im not getting revenue for my comic, but its possible it may be funded in the future… would that breach the terms for sketchup?

@HelloNarz it sounds like you are trying to get cutesy with your interpretation of copyright law. The critical things you need are the lovely, correctly depicted perspective edges from SU models, and you image leaving out “25%” of the minor, detail edges of your choice to manually trace over would qualify?

It sounds like you need to save your pennies to buy Pro in the future. It’s a tool that quickly sets up perspective views that will help save time and maximize your earnings.

Thanks a lot. I’ll look for your work.

By the way, is there contact info with your work

I sent you a PM with the contact email info.

I have a similar problem, I am making a book on religion for children, and I want to add your model in a render image, I would like to know if I am allowed to do so, the models of the 3d warehouse are part of the image not the whole. For example I added a chair in the model that comes from the 3dwarehouse but there are models from myself.

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