Am I allowed to use multiple 3D models from the warehouse to decorate my webtoon background

Hello, I am drawing a webtoon and I was wondering if I could use models from the 3d warehouse to compose background scenery. For example, I would put some buildings and cars in the background and draw my characters in the foreground to blend in with the scenes. I’ve seen popular webtoons use 3d models in their scenes(like cars) and was wondering if they modified them or just used them straight out of the warehouse. Please let me know! Thank you :slight_smile:

I would like know that too. It’s a shame no one answered you

I’m not 100% sure …

I would guess, for NON-commercial use, you are free to use those 3d warehouse models.
In case you want to sell those toons, it also depends on the version of SU they were made/you are using.
Free/Make versions are not intended for commercial use, and it’s hard to determin which version of SU was used to create them 3d warehouse models.

Hope an expert can confirm these thoughts…

PS1 in case you are using 3d warehouse models, it would be nice (if possible) to mention the creators somehow :wink:

PS2 TDahl replied in a simular post: