Can I use 3D Warehouse objects to populate a background for comics?

Hello! I’m making a webcomic and I would like to use models i downloaded to compose the backgrounds. I know from the license agreement that I need Sketchup Pro to use it commercialy, but it is still not clear to me whether or not I can use models other people made from 3D warehouse. Of course I will be modifying them.

Typical suggestion is to consult an attorney familiar with the general area. From what I recall when the same question has been asked in the past, Trimble will not offer legally-binding advice (as a matter of policy, to not commit themselves through this forum).

Thank you for your answer. Is there really no way to obtain information on this through the internet? It’s not that I’m not willing to talk to an attorney, but I’m from a third world country and the attorneys I have access to don’t know about those issues.

You’ve got enough information on the 3D Warehouse website
Generally, everyone who places their model on the website voluntarily gets rid of material copyrights, but non-transferable rights remain - that is, for example, who is the author. In your example, releasing a comic stating that you are the author, without mentioning that you used models from the 3D Warehouse, could expose you to legal problems.

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Thanks, but I read everything and it’s still not exactly clear to me. I won’t claim that I made the models at all, I will use them. Heavily modified by the way. Does that make a difference?
So if I specify that I used models downloaded from 3D warehouse, I will be fine? An I obligated to reference the creators of the models?

I guess that explains it all

Of course, if you use someone else’s model of some “super gun” for your “super hero” who is going to kill the “super bandits” and swing that gun on every page of your comic, you should state that the gun was designed by a “super designer” from the super 3d Warehouse :wink:

You don’t must change models

I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you mean. I’m not trying to upload anything nor be paid in any way through sketchup models specifically. I’m DOWNLOADING models from 3D warehouse, and using those models to render a 2D image that will be used as background in a comic.

Oh, I just saw your last message. Thank you so much!
I have the Shop license right now. Do I need to upgrade to the Pro License to use those models as I described?

You should be able to use Shop. Your profile says you are using SketchUp Pro. Since that is not true you should correct your profile.

I’m using pro Free Trial right now. I was testing it before buying it, and I also wanted to clarify those questions before buying it. But since I can do just fine with Shop, I will go with that.
Thank you so much!

No because Sketchup Shop is commercial version.

Thank you

You’re welcome

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