Want to open an NWD file in Sketchup...Can't covert to IFC

I’ve got a NWD model that I am trying to convert to an IFC so I can open in sketchup…

I’m no Revit pro not even slightly, but I can get it to open, just cannot export it with any of the detail…

Any tips?

Is there an alternate route to convert to a usable SU format?

Edit: Was going to attach it to see if anyone wanted a play, but not a supported file type…grrr



An Navisworks Document File (NWD) is a data file used by the Autodesk Navisworks software.

An NWD file format is a proprietary file type, you can only open and view .nwd files in the Navisworks suite.

The most convenient way is that you request the 3D models as IFC that are applied in Navisworks in the NWD file.

It would be best to request an IFC directly from the originating application (Revit?). It is years since I last used Navisworks, but then about the only way to get data out of it was screenshots.