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How can i convert naviswork file to sketchup there is one drawing or building design that we cannot access for construction and piping purposes thank u

That file format is proprietary to Autodesk, you could ask the person who sent the file to convert it to IFC.

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Your profile indicates you are using the free web version. As this version is for light duty hobbyist use it is limited in the type of files it can import. Sounds like it wouldn’t be the right choice for you since it isn’t for commercial use anyway.

Or are you using a cracked version of SketchUp 2021?

What file types can you export from Navisworks?

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Navisworks can export to FBX, and then the free FBX Converter can be used to export to Collada (DAE) that can then be imported into SketchUp.

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I think you can make import the Navisworks into Trimble Connect and export in Trimbim format to insert into SketchUp but i’m not totally sure.
Maybe @MikeWayzovski can correct me

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Yes, the latest release has an updated nwd importer:

Be sure to follow these instructions:

And then use this export functionality:

Please note, the exported trimbim can only be imported in SketchUp 2023.


Good Day all,

thank u for your advices i appreciate i’ll try im new to this naviswork app soo im concerned if i can import to sketch up but cause all of you gives advice there’s an ease , thank u all soo much

Good Day, its from india sir and like the other plant branch from our company also for piping purposes due to the tanks are same and the process flow also

Good Day,
It is a drawing but i will ask my coworker if it is a dwg. or not because we can view it on naviswork viewer

Good Day,
it is a long way of process but i’ll try

thank u

Good Day,
Okay Sir i’ll try the timber

thank u

Good Day,

Thank u for this it will help me alot

Screenshot 2024-02-13 113930
i cannot sign in or log in sir in trimble

Are you using a cracked version of SketchUp 2021? That would explain your trouble signing in.

ohhh yes im using a cracked version

we still waitng for a liscensed that we requested now this gonna be a problem

That’s software piracy. It’s illegal and it amounts to theft.

A license for what?

sketchup sir liscense

Who did you request it from?

You can buy a subscription from a local reseller or from

our head supervisor for design and civil works we are under his care