Getting pieces from Navisworks into Sketchup

I have been experimenting with Navisworks simulate and have found a way to get parts of a model into Sketchup 2014 or 2015. This comes in handy in Industries where you want to replicate/reuse part of the model but the owner wont give you access other than Navisworks.
I wouldnt say this is 100% fool proof but it works if you keep the model small in size (>10MB). You need to have AutoCAD installed as a bridge between the two also.

Converting NVW to Autocad:
Isolate(Hide) objects in NVW to show only those you want to export. (Again, keep it small. Do it in pieces if you have to)
Select the “Output” tab
Export using FBX exporter and save as whatever you want to call it. (Simulate and Manage Only)

Open Autocad (I’m using 2013 MEP)
Import (Not insert) FBX into Cad and save as DWG 2010 (I just do this to be safe, 2013 may work too)
Place all on new layer if not already so. (Usually creates a layer same as NVW model name.)
Explode down to basic lines. There should be nothing left to explode. (takes a while)
Resave as 2010

Import into Sketchup: NOTE: If file is too big, Sketchup will not import. You must go back and reduce DWG file size first. (Usually bigger than 10MB)
Reduce faces/objects /file size if too large.
Select all or pieces of model and convert to component if needed.
Save as “name”

The geometry is usually rough and needs smoothing but it should be all there. if you have Q’s send me a message. I can post samples too. Good Luck!

Just thinking aloud: Have you tried using the IFC format, now that SketchUp 2015 supports it?


Not yet. just downloaded 2015 last week. I havent had much luck with IFC in the past. I’ll give it a try and see what happens.

just tried it. It works but there were pieces of my model missing. also needed to keep the objects “un-exoploded” otherwise IFC export would crash autoCAD.