Want to load Sketchup Pro on Dell Inspiron 15 I5 laptop

I am a licensed user of Sketchup Pro 2022 on my desktop computer. I am required to refresh login and verify my identity periodically. That all works fine.

Now I want to download SU2022 to my new laptop (Dell inspiron 15 I7). I am lost as to what process to use?

Trimble.com takes me to my Trimble profile and does not appear to be a portal to anything further.

Sketchup.com brings me here.

What to do? I am lost.

Ok I found my answer on Sketchup Help. Next question: How to transfer my Tag, SU templates, Component Files, etc to laptop.

I can load onto thumb drive but where/how to I find them?

There are no tags to transfer. As for SketchUp templates, components, materials, and styles, look at Window>Preferences>Files to see the paths. Click on the open folder button to open the file location.

Best practice for extensions is to install them fresh from their sources.

Thanks Dave.
I imagine a template file transfer will take the tag structure with it.

yes. if you open your personal SU template file from 22 in 23, and save it again as a template (in 23), all that was in your default template will be in your default template. Tags, elements, scenes…