Copy my template from one computer to another



How do I copy my created template from my desktop to my laptop?


Fastest and easiest way would be to use a thumbdrive. (Also called a USB stick.)

Drag the SKP file, whilst holding the CTRL key down, over to another File Explorer window of the USB thumbdrive, and drop it.

Eject the thumbdrive, usually by right-clicking it’s icon down in the lower right on the taskbar, and choosing “Eject Removable Drive” (or similar.)

Plug it into a spare USB port on the laptop, and when the explorer window opens, drag the file over to the laptop’s drive (where ever you wish.)


You didn’t mention your SU version, but as you are still using XP, that makes it pre-SU15, so your template files are stored at C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2014\Resources\en-US\Templates. Copy and move them over to the same location on your laptop.

If you only have a few, or one, save a .SKP file with your favorite settings and nothing else. Email it to yourself, open email on laptop and open SKP file in SU and do File > Save as template.

Along with Dan’s suggestions, you have several options as the templates are just SKP files.


I am using 7 PRO on both machines and SU 16.


I have my file on the laptop now but the template that I crated is not there. Only the default templates come up in SketchUp.


Open the file you copied from the other computer and then immediately use File>Save as Template.


Thanks for the suggestions. I did the Save As Template, copied it to my thumb drive, copied it to the correct place on my laptop in Program files, but when I open the file the model is there but not the layers and outliners from my default tray.


I cannot do anything with the model. Push/Pull etc. does not work. It is just graphics that I cannot do anything with. so it seems that I have a dumb model and not my created template.


Thanks for everything. I am going to give up for tonight.


The utility windows in the tray are not part of your template. Those and toolbars have to be set up on each installation.




There seems to be a little confusion here. A “template” is SKP file with favorite Style(s) and Preference settings.

If you don’t want to copy existing template files from the Program Files directory in original desktop computer, then open SU in desktop > select template (if SU doesn’t open with that template as default) > do File > Save as (somewhere on the desktop) > copy that (those) saved files. On laptop > open saved file > without making any changes, do File > Save as template. Repeat for each saved template file from desktop.