Walls keep blowing up!

I am wondering if someone can tell me why my wall, with one click of my mouse outside of the model, disappears, leaving only the line framework or wall skeleton? When I click into the group, I can still see the walls, but when I click out of the group, the walls disappear again, leaving only the framework. Nothing brings it back, not undo, or unhide or anything I’ve tried.

Does this issue have anything to do with the fact that when I zoom in on something, my model disappears which I have read about?

Attach your model so we can check it.

sorry, not sure how to attach my model

If it is smaller than around 10mb drag and drop it into a reply, larger than that add it to drop box or similar and paste the link in a reply.

suzanne snoboard shop feb 25.skp (5.8 MB)

the curved wall is the one I was working on. the shapes you see that are stuck in it, are future windows i was going to create in the curved walls by using the solid tools tool

I don’t see anything “blowing up” in your model but I do note that you are modeling with the camera set to Parallel Projection which makes me wonder if you are describing clipping which is common in that model because its easy to get the camera’s “image plane” inside the model. You should do you modeling with the camera set to Perspective and save Parallel Projection for output.

I also noticed that you have some incorrect tag usage with edges and faces being tagged. All edges and faces should remain untagged.
Screenshot - 2_25_2021 , 8_44_42 PM

I see Dave is replying, he’ll give you a good explanation of how you are incorrectly using Tags.

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I was working in perspective mode, but changed to parallel to see if that help fix my problem. Where you see all of the solid rectangles, should be a solid, white wall. There is nothing there now, except black lines. If I click where the wall should be and go into the group, I can see the entire white wall but it disappears again when I click out of the group. Do you see a white wall that runs through all of the rectangles when you view my model? I was afraid to close it and reopen it as I would have to save it.

Thanks for the info about the tags, but I am new to Sketchup and am not quite sure what you mean. For example, why should I not be able to hide my second floor on a tag?
Sorry, this is all new to me!

This is what I see when I look at the curved wall.

Nothing goes “on” a tag. Tags are given to objects (groups and components) but the geometry (edges and faces) inside those groups and components should be left untagged. Use components and groups to create discrete objects in your model. Use tags to control the visibility of those objects.

Maybe before you spend more time on this model you should take some time to go through the basics at learn.sketchup.com

Thanks Dave… Interesting, I closed the file and when I went back in, the wall was there! I would have tried that sooner, but did not want to save it if the model was incorrect.

I have taken Basic Sketchup and also currently have a tutor but this is only the third full model I have built and it is a lot of learning by trial and error. I do look reference some of the learning videos but could not find one that addressed this issue.

Thank you so much for your assistance!

Here is an example of the confused tags in your model. You have tagged all sorts of loose geometry, but in many cases just the faces so the edges are staying visible when the Tag is turned off. If you delete any of those edges the 'hidden faces will also be deleted.
Never Tag loose Geometry.


Thank you! This is very helpful!!

For what it is worth, just like electronics in general, sometimes you just need to shut down and reopen or restart an application to get things working correctly again.