Wall colour glitching: help please!

It seems that some of the walls are solid colour (which get lighter and darker as I orbit around, which is fine) but some wall colours seem to glitch. The wall on the left is solid and fine but the one with diagonal lines is bothering me (as is the wall parallel in front of it which has a single diagonal line and colour change).

I’ve only just started to use sketchup to think about a room layout so I haven’t been learning properly so it may be something really simple, so apologies in advance if so, and thank you in advance for the help too!

Is your model very far (like more than a mile/kilometer) from the global axis origin point ? Or is it very big (again, more than a couple of miles or kilometers? Large dimensions are known to cause display OpenGL glitches like these. Also, is your graphics card driver up to date?


Thank you for replying (:
If you mean where the green, red and blue intersect then no, it’s only 2819mm away from it. The whole sketch is only metres big so that shouldn’t be causing it. I think it’s up to date but don’t know how to check. I’ve just noticed that it’s only the internal “walls” that seem to glitch…

Check also that you are using the right units to model (Window menu>Model Info>Units). I have seen many models where the user thought he/she was using millimeters but the model was actually in meters.


It’s definitely in mm.

can you post your .skp file online to us to check out?

Can you attach the model or a version with only the problematic faces? What happens if you erase everything else but the problem faces?

Also, when did the problem appear? Did it happen when you inserted a component made by some other person? The large coordinates I mentioned can also reside inside a component.


Thank you both for taking the time to respond, I really appreciate it.
room layout for forum: room layout for forum.skp (1022.5 KB)

I haven’t tried erasing everything but the problem faces yet, sorry.
I’m not sure when it started, but I know that I didn’t notice it until I changed from view->facestyle->hidden line to shaded (or shaded with texture).
I don’t know how to check coordinates insde a component, sorry.

You have multiple faces occupying the same spot (Z-Fighting | SketchUp Wiki | Fandom)
You will have to delete one of the faces in each area you see this.
Overall, this is partially due to how you modelled:
a) walls should have a thickness
b) you don’t need to group each section, instead, make all the walls part of one group. By grouping each section, and giving each one their own walls, all the walls overlap.


Ohhh ok, I understand; ta for the link.
The walls don’t have a thickness because I only knew the inner room dimensions so created them separately before lining the rooms up. I did try to draw all the walls as one but it misaligned the doors so I gave up!

Thank you soooo much for solving this nightmare and for all the help!
Hope you’re having a wonderful day.