Wait after animating a dynamic component

So I have a component that is a lid, that has two parts, i.e. you flip up the first part 180 degrees and then flip both lids 90 degrees. I have this animated correctly except for timing. My onClick looks like this:

ANIMATE(“FirstLid!RotY”,-90,90);ANIMATE(“Lid!RotY”, 90,0)

So “Lid” is the entire component, and “FirstLid” is the, well, first lid, so the second lid isn’t animated.

What I want is that the second ANIMATE() doesn’t happen before the first is complete, so that the animation is first the first lid opening 180 degrees, and THEN the whole lid is opened 90 degrees. Is there any way to do this?

Try adding another step to both …

ANIMATE("FirstLid!RotY",-90,90,0);ANIMATE("Lid!RotY", 0,90,0)

Sorry, that made it jump into several unwanted positions :slight_smile:

Well, you need to add extra steps, where the next step is the same as the previous, so that nothing happens.

Never mind my quick suggestion. (I was running late for my vaccination.)

If you post the component file, one of the DC gurus can help you.

As Dan says, post the model. Methods include nesting the lids, or building a timeline…without the object or a better explanation, one can only guess