Trying to animate a component with two moving parts

I have a Murphy Table I’m trying to animate. When closed The Table part should rotate up vertical, and the leg should fold up in line, with the rotation point at the end of the table where the leg and table top connect. For some reason, I can animate both parts, but not like I want. Can anyone help me please?
Murphy Workbench.skp (4.0 MB)

Are you trying to animate it as a Dynamic Component?

Or would something along these lines do what you want?

There are pauses at each end of the travel.

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I was try to animate as a dynamic component. It will be placed into another file as well. Don’t know if that matters

It depends on how you’re going to use it in that model. I expect our resident DC guru @pcmoor will be along to give you the skinny on making the DC component.

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As long as I can insert that into another file

OK. Thanks

Can I download this somewhere?

Sorry. When you said you wanted it as a Dynamic Component I close the file without saving it. The process I used was to make copies of the leg and top with Rotate/Copy and then used tags and scenes to create the animation. I only made the animation as 6 steps. With more steps it’ll be smoother.

Nest the leg component inside the table so it rotates with the table, then formulate its rotation in reference to the table, usually reversed
Plus the axis of the table must match the hinge position

purged and material resize: (almost 1/10th)
Murphy Workbench.skp (470.5 KB)

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Thanks!!! I really appreciate it!