Help with animation needed

Hi all.
Sorry for my noobness here but I am just tinkering around with a camper trailer design I want to build and to make it more interactive I want to animate the fixed awning side.
I want part A and part B to slide out of the camper together and then part B rotate upward.
I can get part A to slide.
I can get part B to rotate.
But I can’t get the two parts to stay together. Part B wont stick with part A

Anyone able to … in a really basic way… help me get this please?

I have tried to follow tutorials on sliding doors and cupboards etc.


Update: I have got Part A and B to move together. But I can’t get B to rotate without rotating A as well now. :frowning:

What are you using to do the animation? Are you trying to make a dynamic component? Or are you just wanting to animate using tags and scenes? Or are you using an animator extension?

It looks like your model needs some help before you get to the point of animating it. It is hard to tell from just a screen shot exactly what you’ve got going on with your parts A and B.

What version of SketchUp are you really using? Your profile says you are using SketchUp Pro 3.04 which was never available as a subscription and would be from 18 years ago.
Screenshot - 2_19_2021 , 7_03_03 AM

Please correct your profile.

wow…pow pow pow…
I was in fact using a very old sketchup from prob not quite 18 years ago…long before subscription existed… or Trimble. I only tinker with it here n there.
I today installed “Make” to be more up to date.
I imagine there are many issues. I only use this on the odd occasion. last was aroung 2015.
I am just using dynamic components.
Hopefully there’s some help on the other side of this!?

OK. That helps. If you want the components to move together, select them and put them in a larger component. Then you can move the whole thing as a single unit or you can move one without moving the other if you want to create a telescoping sort of effect.

It would be easier to give you guidance if you upload the model file.

Be aware that SketchUp Make starts with a 30-day Pro trial. After that it reverts to Make. Creating and editing Dynamic Components is a pro-only feature.

Since your question refers to using Dynamic Components, I moved it to the Dynamic Component forum category.

Oh I didn’t realise it was a trial :frowning:
I do have them in a component.
Sorry the animation is a mess because I have been messing with it.
Camper Cad 4 angled front play with panel2 Make.skp (414.5 KB)

Look at the welcome screen when you open SketchUp. Also I believe at the top left it should indicate you’re using the trial.

I expect our resident DC expert, @pcmoor will be along and give you very clear guidance on setting this up.

Jolly joker. I did fix it though. Thanks.

Use an attribute that acts as a time line, then use conditional formula to designate the positions and actions that need to happen.
Camper Cad 4 angled front play with panel2 Make.skp (272.6 KB)

Sorry I can’t open that file.
Perhaps you could screen shot the dynamic components box?

Thanks for the help.

I re-saved Philip’s model as SU2017 for you. You should be able to open this one.

[Model deleted - was v2021 not 2017]
Your model has lots of reversed faces, and no use of components.

Visit to get a better understanding of basic SU modelling before you get too involved in DCs.

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I’m so sorry but it won’t open that either :frowning:

Very sorry. I THOUGHT I had saved it as v2017, but misfired.

Here’s a 2017 version, which I’ve checked does open in 2017.

Camper Cad 4 angled front play with panel2 Make.skp (404.1 KB)

And the DC element of it does work if you click on the frame with the Tools/Animate action from the menu, or from the Dynamic Components toolbar

Thanks very much for your help John - that’s great. :slight_smile:

HI john_mcclenahan
My trial has ended.
Any possibility you could screen shot the dynamic component window and I can transfer the parameters into my old sketchup please?