Having problems with the last animated bit

Hi there. I am not new to sketchUp But I am new to Pro. I have a Dynamic component that I am trying to animate. I imported this folding model from another place. I then added one last piece to extend the floor (the orange bit!). I can use the original coding to animate unfolding the first section but the last bit of floor (the orange piece) I can’t get to animate without drilling into the component. The White button is used to fold the whole assembly

Please I need help

Folding Floor.skp (469.3 KB)

Folding Floor (1).skp (441.5 KB)
use the rotation of the parent, reversed

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Mate you are a dead set legend. Thank you so much for this

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Folding Floor New.skp (166.2 KB)

Hi mate. I need your help again. I have had a design change and I have no Idea how to even tackle this animation. In the model you can see the three stages of the folding floor. I have added the last model you have helped me with as well. I would really appreciate your help it would get me out of trouble with a, well, challenging client

Thanks in advance

PS your a legend!!

Folding Floor New.skp (269.6 KB)
from the last, nest each unit into the one above, via drag and drop using outliner, then swap alternative axis points at rotation (this produces the stack) from top to bottom, then swap the sign of each rotation as it references its parent


there a detail explanation by self on this

Wow. Thank you. People like you make the world a happier place to be. Thanks for taking the time to help me.