Please help. Im confused

Help Please.skp (160.2 KB)

Hi everyone. I am struggling. I can’t figure this out. I can make each floor section move individually, by clicking each piece. Is there a way to arrange them to change from state 1 to state 2 with one click

Please and Thank You


solution.skp (36.3 KB)

no point in putting onclicks in levels below an onclick as the highest will always take precedence.
As object is hinged, you correctly placed in progressive components, however F1 should have axis on other side for hinge and best to set it as per the others
Have a attribute cover the degrees of rotation and use condition points to start the next group

To save this as a component you must either use this file as a wrapper, after moving the object to the origin, at a convenient insertion point or wrap it in another component to preserve the “Floor” components RotX, as any formula would be overwritten if “saveas” is used at this level.
solution wrap.skp (46.6 KB)