How do I animate two parts of an interactive component to rotate independently?

I am learning how to create interactive component animations. I understand the simple, “onclick” one thing happens programming, but I am having problems having more than one thing change with the “onclick”. I.E. I created a model of a murphy bed, that onclick rotates down just fine, but the leg assembly should also rotate around 180 degrees… the legs are attached the moving frame and change XYZ in the process? Can anyone help? I am attaching the interactive component here. (modeled in 2021 studio)
Full Size Murphy Bed.skp (9.1 MB)

you pass the rotation through to the legs, since these legs have already a rotation transformation, first set them before applying the door rotation (note after setting one it will zero the others, so retain the original settings either with memory or paper and continue the setting)
I took the liberty of down sizing your materials with material down-sizer from the extension warehouse
and purging
Full Size Murphy Bed.skp (1.3 MB)

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Thanks pcmoor… two things learned! I will work on it a bit more. Glad to know about material down-sizer as well!