Dynamic components Rotate object from two different axes

Hello! I have a question: Can a dynamic component be rotated twice from two different points but on the same axis?

I’m trying to animate a folding staircase and I need the lemon of the staircase to rotate in X from two different rotation points. Is it possible?

please upload model

place one inside other

Thanks for answering. I can’t get the stringer to rotate when the ladder is deployed.

I attach the model
Folding Staircase.skp (204.2 KB)

Like a hand moves within the arm, I made the first step unique. Changed the axis of Limon to hinge at this step. Fix size of step, then placed the Limon in this step via outliner.

change limon formula to suit (-)

Folding Staircase.skp (201.1 KB)

Find this method much easier than complexity of position and rotation


Thank you very much Philip, you have been a great help! Have a great day.