Animate inside animated component?


I only found one result in the search. Wondering if someone can point me in the direction of whether or not its possible to animate a group within an already animated dynamic component? I have a drawer in a cabinet that is a dynamic component (created by CabinetSense) and within that drawer I have built a set of compartments with lids that open (RotY). However when I completely exit the component (select none) all the way out to my model interacting with any portion of the drawer only sides the main drawer. The only way Im able to interact with the individual internal lids is to open the drawer component and then interact with the internal lids.


Then, I would change it so that the main drawer’s slide animation is set on the drawer front’s onClick attribute. That way you click on the drawer front, the whole drawer slides out, then you can “click-through” to the nifty compartments. Re-click the drawer front to close the drawer.


Here is an example (SketchUp 15)

The Interact Tool will execute the first onClick it finds as it digs into the hierarchy of your component. It’s not a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of tool. You may need to reorganize your component hierarchy, or reorganize your onClick functions to get the results you want.

In my example, the onClick for opening and closing the Drawer is on the DrawerFront component. Then each Lid has a onClick for rotation. It works because all the onClick functions are in the same level in the hierarchy.

Note one trick is that the “DrawerFront” onClick works to open its Parent component “Drawer” by animating an attribute directly in the “Drawer” component.

dc-cab-ex-1.skp (119.6 KB)


I will recommend that you always use Components in Dynamic Components. Groups may appear to work at times, but will cause problems when your components become more complex.


Thanks guys. Makes total sense. Now to figure it out. Much appreicated.