Wacom Intuos5 - Hover click problem


So I’ve been using Sketchup with my Wacom Intuos5 for years. After using a mouse for a while I’ve returned to using my Wacom.

The problem i’m having is that ‘hover clicking’ doesn’t work anymore in sketchup. For example I used to navigate by hovering and clicking a button on my pen for middle mouse to rotate. When I would press the pen on the tablet while keeping the button on the pen pressed I could pan.

The beauty was that I could fully navigate by rotating and panning with one hand.

Is there any way to fix this?

Have you checked the settings in the Intuos control panel?


Yes the setting in the controlpanel are set to Hover-click. Outside of Sketchup in finder for example it works fine.

There aren’t any settings in SketchUp to make regarding this behavior so you might have to look at possible changes to the setting in the Intuos panel.

Make sure button you click is set to Middle Mouse Button.

Here are my settings, as you see I have specified specific ones for Sketchup.

Thank you all for the tips, non of them worked ^^

BUT yesterday I got tried updating the driver through the Wacom Desktop Center which resulted in an error. So i manually downloaded the driverupdate (6.3.20-4) which fixed the problem for me :smile:

Thanks for the effort guys!

Acep900, I had exactly the same problem. Going back to 6.3.20-11 fixed the problem for me. 6.3.20-11 is still available on the Wacom website.