WACOM Intuos Pen with Tablet

Hi All
I am looking for some advice, I am looking to get a graphics tablet to connect to a laptop.
Does anyone have any experience of using the WACOM Intuos Pen & Touch Small tablet or the WACOM Intuos Pen tablet with sketchup? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated


It’s soooo nice to work with it. :slight_smile:
Only missing the right mouse buttom on the pen. Normally it works, but not so in SU. For that I use it from laptop-pad.

Generally, people have better results in SU using a three-button mouse, for which the program is optimized. You would be doing yourself a disservice to use an alternative device better suited to 2D graphic design.


While I agree with Gully, that a 3-button mouse is ideal, I use a Wacom for SketchUp and have for years, it’s a personal preference for me.
The main consideration with a Wacom vs mouse is navigation. Personally I have mapped orbit, pan and zoom to keyboard shortcuts and used this setup very successfully. I know of a few other wacom users who also use 3dconnexion device for navigation, and that works well for them. If you do use keyboard shortcuts as I do, you lose the precise zooming that comes with scroll-wheel zooming. Not a deal breaker, just fyi.
For me, using a mouse all day cramps my hand up something fierce, so a wacom is a good alternative, I much prefer it at this point, but again, it’s mostly a personal preference, and is a bit more limited if you also use LayOut frequently, so again, completely agree with Gully that SU is optimized for mouse, but a few of use still love our wacoms!

Oh, to be sure in case it was part of your question, I’m using a wacom intuos 3, though some of the newer versions sure look nice!

There is no use for the touch. The moves are too slow in SU. I use the keyboard shortcuts and do the navigation for settings by pen much faster than a mouse cursor ever can move. On desktop I have a gamer mouse only for CAD or SU. For CAD the pen doesn’t work.

Hi Barbara, I solve my right click in wacom intuos using “modifier + right click”, as in the image.

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Works fine on OS and LayOut and other software, but not on SU. :sleepy:

I bought a Wacom tablet, intending to use it with SU. I couldn’t find a way of configuring it to work well, and since I don’t use it for 2D drawing, it’s been gathering dust since. Not recommended for SU, in my view too.

You might find a gaming mouse with multiple buttons useful for SU. They are mostly for right handers, though. Although I’m right handed, I use my scroll mouse left handed, as I’ve developed RSI and trigger thumb in my right hand, so haven’t tried one myself.

Older Cintq. Lower pen button assigned to right click. Works fine for getting the Context menu.Still prefer simple 3-button mouse.

I picked up a 3DConnexion CadMouse since it wasn’t much more that a good gaming mouse.
You can use the defaults or assign any shortcut to any button.

I tried one of those, too, but had to send it back - the latest available drivers at that time for Mac El Capitan ran away with memory (several GB / minute) and repeatedly crashed SU after only a few minutes. I think current drivers may have fixed that since.

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I am running Windows 10, SU 7, SU 8, SU 2013, SU 2014, SU 2015, SU 2016 and SU 2017 and a Space Mouse Pro Wireless and a CadMouse.

No problems at all - of course I do have their latest drivers.

I think the problem was specific to their Mac software, not Windows.

Im seeing a lot of stutter when using Intuos4 in su16. This must be SU issue cause all my other software runs flawless using this device.

So if anyone has some kind of trick, yes please :slight_smile:

Yes you can. The tablet pc I have has XP-Pen DECO 01 pen tablet as part of its construction. I have used it since Sketchup 6. the Wacom intuos should be okay .

The screen on my tablet XP-Pen DECO 01 is approx. same size as an 10 x 6.25 sheet of paper. It would be like the smallest Cintiq, I think.
The larger the screen does not necessarily equate with better navigation, it would only improve visibility. An example is a touchpad on a laptop. A small motion is magnified on the screen, which means the two are mapped with each other. If money were no object, however, I would buy the large XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro, I believe the Artist 22E Pro and let it be the screen for Sketchup work, while a second monitor would be for other apps you might run.
I am ambidextrous. I write and draw with a pencil in my left hand. I trained my right hand to use the mouse back in Windows 10 64 bit , long before I had the tablet. That allows me some freedom to do certain tool tasks in Sketchup with the pen and others with the mouse–when I do work on the tablet.
I am not sure about the mouse/shoulder problems, but if the tablet can be placed in your lap, or at any angle and you use the pen, perhaps some of that will go away.

their offical store : https://www.storexppen.com