Pen display

Does sketchup free or sketchup go work with pen displays i.e xp-pen, huion or wacom ? I am looking into purchasing a pen display tablet and want to see if they work…


The best way to use sketchup is with a 3 button mouse preferably with a wheel, I know some people that use it with a graphic tablet, even Aaron used to model live a while ago, but personally I prefer a good mouse, Logitech in my opinion have the best ones for professional use, I’ve used their mice for over 10 years and I’ve never had any issues.

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I only use my trackpad. I suppose that wacom would be able to draw in SketchUp.

As far as I know, if you use a graphic tablet it will work to emulate the mouse (move the cursor with the stylus and tap to left click). There is not pressure sensitivity or anything like that.

I only use trackpad as well, but here is what it looks like if I send the SketchUp window to my iPad, and use a mixture of keyboard and Apple Pencil.

I did also try the Free web version in Safari on iPad, and it worked well.

I used to use sketchup all the time a while back when sketchup was just a standalone install with a wacom intuos. It worked very well, the only issue was getting use to the pen tablet to eye coordination, but I worked it out. Since then, manufacturers like wacom, huion etc have made a pen display tablet that mimics the windows display. I only reason why I ask is because I search the forum and google could not give me a direct answer, hence posting to the forum. I also, don’t want to drop $250 on a test, but it might be what I have to do. Either than contacting the sales department at sketchup. Thank for everyone input!

As a wacom use I can assure you they work with the web version. You need to make some choices about your settings for the pen and tablet buttons, I sometimes change them depending on what I am doing.
But for example you can set one of the pen buttons to Middle mouse, so you can Orbit and Pan easily with it. Hover with it pressed will orbit and touch the tablet and it will pan, release and you are back to the previous tool.


Hello Box,

Which wacom pen display do you use?


I used a Wacom Cintiq Companion for many years, it was a fully mobile tablet and was essential for me as I was always on the move and it was able to run sketchup pro, it also worked with the web version when it came out.
It died some time back and I chose not to replace it as I don’t travel for work any more, so I use an Intuos Pro M, in fact I have two, one is the Paint version which you can use with paper and not attached to your computer.
Using a stylus isn’t for everyone, and often I don’t use it and just go with a mouse, but suffice to say it works with both pro and web.

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I did finally find a video of someone using a pen display tablet. Just wanted to share 3D Modeling on a Tablet | Huion Kamvas Pro 16 Review - YouTube

Well, I’ve got an old Wacom One - no display, as Aaron said, it emulates the mouse fine. I have click and rightclick, no middle mouse or wheel, although I guess more elaborate models with a wheel and buttons could be mapped, one button for orbit, one for pan (on hold mode?) and the wheel for zoom ?

I’m a mouse guy, it sounds like too much trouble to me, but sure, it would work. Just tried, it felt so… wrong :sweat_smile:

Yes no problem, I’ve used a Wacom cintiq 16 display drawing tablet with SketchUp for many years and I know many other users who do the same. Just need to take some time getting used to.